“WHAT PART NUMBER IS THAT?” Correct answers now listed!

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We decided that February needed a little MG excitement so we are inaugurating our

 NAME THAT PART NUMBER! contest  this month.

How it works: The FIRST 4 emails we receive at
ed@abingdonspares.com with ALL 10 of the
(not the name of the part) , will receive a $25 Abingdon Spares Gift Certificate!
The next 2 correct emails will win the second place gift of a limited edition 

Abingdon Spares Logo Hat.

All of the parts listed here are illustrated on our website, abingdonspares.com
Contest Rules:
One email per customer please
Please list the number in this illustration followed by the Abingdon Spares part number, part names do not count!
Your list must contain ALL 10 numbers with corresponding PART numbers.
(Part numbers must be in this format example 47-018)
Include your mailing address in the email.
Kindly address the contest entries to ed@abingdonspares.com
Contest ends when we receive 6 correct entries, or 2/28/18!
Have fun, and remember it is only a game!

Correct Part Numbers: 1 – 37-060, 2 – 17-107, 3 – 25-060, 4 – 35-061, 5 – 25-062A, 6 – 41-063,

7 – 27-067 (aka 19-172B), 8 – 19-060, 9 – 03-19A, 10 – 19-101B